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Why I Love the Ninja Turtles

By April 15, 2021 About Dr. Skip, Pediatric

My favorite movie when I was a kid is Ninja Turtles, the original – the one in theatres.┬áIt was actually the first movie I ever saw in my life in a theater.

I love it because it embodies everything amazing about humans, even though they’re teenage turtles.

They’re fighting, they’re living in the sewer, they’re outcast from society….yet they defend society and they stopped the Foot Clan from taking over and causing tyrannical problems in the city.

It brings me back to when I was little and watching these turtles jump around and basically kick some butt. Plus they were ninjas! Who doesn’t want to be a ninja?

Most importantly, I love that movie so very much because it provides leadership. It provided me the ability to see past the way people look, and to see the value in what every creature that God’s created on this planet is.

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