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Why Aladdin is my favorite movie

By April 18, 2021 April 27th, 2021 About Dr. Skip

I remember back to when I was really little and I started to figure out what my favorite movie was from my childhood.

I remember back then, thinking way back on it, my favorite animated movie was Aladdin from Disney.

Aladdin is an awesome movie with an awesome story — I mean the real version, the animated version.

My favorite other movie when I was a child was the original Ninja Turtles.

It was actually the first movie I saw in a movie theater, which was an amazing experience made even better by an amazing plot.

Teenage turtles live in the sewer, fighting crime. They’re fighting for the good, of everyone fighting for people, and making sure people didn’t get run over by a tyrannical regime- The Foot Clan.

Kind of sounds like today, huh? Man, that’s still one of my favorite movies.

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