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The Evolution of Nintendo

By April 11, 2021 Pediatric

I remember when I was a kid and I got my first Nintendo. I was filled with pure excitement.

Do you remember Nintendo? 16 bits of awesomeness with Mario running around with his buddy, Luigi. You could sit around for hours playing some Duck Hunt and maybe some Tecmo Bowl.

But even though the 16 bit games were fun, what did Nintendo do over the years? Did they stay stagnant? Did they stay at 16 bits? No, they went to Super Nintendo, 32 bits.

Then they went to 64 bits, and then they went up to the Game Cube.

And then they went to the Wii and then the Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch.

Can you believe that? They constantly adapted, but they can still play all their classics.

That idea of constantly adapting is exactly why I developed the Prime Pediatric Program. It’s to get you to constantly up your game.

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