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My Lesson from Visiting Scotland

By April 9, 2021 Advice

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland. It was a truly amazing opportunity, and an amazing experience.

I saw a lot of sights and met a lot of people in Scotland, and I tell you what – I learned that Scotland is one of the most amazing places on this planet.

So why, in the UK, is Scotland so. Damn. Special?

Why is it unique? Why does Scotland stand out?

It’s because everybody has pride in who they are. Everybody has pride in their identity. Everybody has pride in what they have become. Everybody has pride in the fact that they beat England and they absolutely love their heritage.

They love their foundation. They have pride, and it shows. It’s special, and it makes them absolutely amazing. They don’t forget to have pride in themselves, and it gives them so much strength. It makes them unique.

So, my question to you, then, is – do you have pride in who you are? Are you like the Scots?

The Scottish have pride and nothing waivers for them. They don’t run away from obstacles. They always push towards the positive. Nothing scares them, and they beat the English, which is huge. Through it all, they have pride in who they are.

We can learn something from them and their amazing attitude.

So be like the Scots, and always have pride in who you are. Don’t waiver for anyone or anything, and stay true to yourself. Be a leader and not a follower and don’t forget your goals.

That’s exactly why I’m here today – to help you bring yourself some pride. I have pride in who I am, and I’m happy to be like the Scots. Be like the Scots. Be the William Wallaces of the world. Lead your team, and don’t waiver for anyone or anything.

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