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Let’s talk about sports!

By April 14, 2021 April 29th, 2021 Uncategorized

When I was first in practice and first starting my business, I remember sitting around and thinking to myself after having a coach talk to me.

He told me all about the three things you never talk about in business when you talk to any client, any patient or anything else professional.

Those topic are politics, sports and religion.

Those are the three things you never want to talk about with a client or a patient, because they’re very decisive and they’re very, very polarizing topics.

But I’m a little bit different, and I don’t exactly follow the rule of not talking about one of those topics.

I talk about sports all the time in my practice. I talk about sports all the time with my clients, with my patients, and with everyone.

Why? Because I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where sports is life. Here in Green Bay, Packers make the place a community, and the sports teams actually create a bond. They create a community. They don’t cause arguments or heated disagreements.

If you have any rivalries going on, it’s a fun rivalry. You don’t cause division with it. You actually create unity with it.

I think it’s backwards that people will tell you not to communicate a certain way when that’s one of the most amazing and important ways that we conversate in our culture.

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