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It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve!

By April 10, 2021 Advice

I became a chiropractor because it’s my passion.

I remember giving the best man speech at my brother’s wedding. When he was sitting on stage and we were up there talking, and I was talking about it. I wrote a poem for my brother about my best friend because he is and he was. I could barely make it through it. I cried a couple of times.

People came up to me right after and they’d say, “Man, Skip, that was a great speech. You did such an awesome job, but man, you really wear your heart on your sleeve. You gotta be careful with that. That’s you, Skippy, you’re a crier. We know how much you care for people.”

But do you know what? Yeah, I wear my heart on my sleeve – I do. At times it gets away from me. I always use it as an advantage because it’s my passion.

It’s the passion of what you actually need and what you actually should have in your life, and that passion will lead to major success.

It’s not always that bad to wear your heart on your sleeve. Just make sure nobody can rip it off.

That’s the passion I want for all of you to understand. It’s the passion that drove me to become a chiropractor.

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