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Here’s why I love to travel.

By April 22, 2021 April 29th, 2021 Uncategorized

I’m down here in Los Cabos, Mexico, because my wife and I absolutely love to travel.

Do you love to travel? Do you love to get around? Do you like seeing other cultures?

Do you like immersing yourself in places, in resorts and understanding what it’s like to relax, but what it’s like to meet other people?

Do you love what it’s like to immerse yourself in the people around you, in the culture, and actually what it’s like to be an actual person of this world?

That’s why I travel.

I travel to decompress. I travel to drop anxiety down. I travel to get clarity, to get confidence, and to understand, because as soon as I pull myself out of practice and enter into something beautiful like this, I start to become extremely creative.

Creativity starts moving your brain at nonstop intervals, always intersecting with life and always making you the best person possible.

It’s amazing.

That’s why I travel. I travel to get away. I travel to unplug and I travel to create.

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