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Don’t Be Blue.

By April 14, 2021 April 19th, 2021 why

You ever walk into a men’s clothing store and notice that everything there is blue?

Yep, everything is blue – your shirts, Oxfords, button-downs…everything.

But guess what? I hate the color blue. When it comes to clothing. I love color. I love every color.

You can see it a little bit of blue in many of my shirts. But I’ve also got pink, chartreuse, light blue, green, gray, and every other color of the rainbow. I have variety in my wardrobe, and variety in every part of my life.

Variety in your shirts, variety in your life, and variety in what your clothing says a ton about you. It says you lead with emotions. It says that you love what you do.

If you don’t have that variety in everything you do, you’re just kind of hanging around blue and looking like every other blue shirt in the men’s clothing store. To me, that is boring.

That’s why I’m creating what I’m creating – I don’t want you to be boring. I want you to love life.

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