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  Pediatric Examination Mastery

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  • Pediatric and Newborn Examination Training      
  • Bulletproof Examination Strategies    
  • Primitive Reflex Comprehension

  Adolescent and Teen Exam Mastery

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  • Preteen and Teenage Exam
  • Primitive Reflex Reintegration
  • Simple, Clear, and Concise Communication

  Pregnancy Masterclass:

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  • Websters Analysis and Training
  • Thompson and Tonal Pregnancy Analysis 
  • Creating a Pregnancy Culture

  Infant Technique Mastery

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  • Advanced Infant Headrest Training
  • Logan Basic Training
  • Tonal Pediatric Approach

  Million Dollar Practice Secrets

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  • NEVER Screen AGAIN!
  • How to create Raving Fans
  • Become an Internal Referral Machine

  ROF & Care Plans that Convert

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  • ROF’s that Convert
  • Confident Care Plan Creation
  • Clearly Communicate

  Pediatric     X-ray Masterclass

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  • Safe and Fast X-ray Training
  • Proper X-ray Positioning 
  • Clear & Simple ROF Interp

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