Get CLARITY, Achieve FREEDOM, and Become EXTRAORDINARY when Caring for Children!

  • Are you currently witnessing chiropractic miracles?

  • Do you know what to do when a mom places her newborn in your hands?

  • Are you confident that you can deliver the goods, and explain what you are doing and why in a logical, tangible way?

Prime Pediatric Program was created to bridge the gap from school to success. You can be successful, you should be successful, and you have to gain the skills and foundation to be THE sought after family chiropractor.

Are You?

Teachable? Willing to work hard to improve yourself, your skills and your practice? Wanting to see more kids, pregnant moms and families in your practice?

The Prime Pediatric Program provides an Implementable System of Trainings to Guide Doctors to Confidence!

The Prime Pediatric Program will teach you

Values & Clarity

  • Discover your “internal motivation”
  • Gain pediatric congruency within your practice
  • Gain vital pediatric principles to grow
  • Mind, Money balance, and currency exchange
  • Grow Internally to Grow Externally
  • Understand what separates you from everyone else

Systems & Confidence

  • The 4 vital exams every doctor must know 
  • Time Tested Bulletproof Examination Strategies
  • REASONS as to WHY you are giving care recommendations
  • Clear, Concise, and Safe x-ray procedures
  • Vital Report of Findings Strategies that make an impact
  • Primitive Reflexes “Enough Said”

Execution & Certainty

  • Vital Adjusting Technique for the youngest of Nervous Systems
  • Bullet Proof Pregnancy Strategies / Webster’s Technique Clarity
  • Build professional alliances that refer to your practice my name!
  • Build Interprofessional Relationships that actually refer
  • Become the Beacon of Hope for every family in your community
  • Create a community of health for your patients

For further information or to apply for this program please contact:
Skip Wyss, D.C., CACCP
or email:

FULL Program Fee

1 Payment of 3000.00

12 Consecutive Payments of 250.00

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