Our Mission is to Build Extraordinary Family Chiropractors

  • Are you currently witnessing chiropractic miracles?

  • Do you know what to do when a mom places her newborn in your hands?

  • Are you confident that you can deliver the goods, and explain what you are doing and why in a logical, tangible way?

Prime Pediatric Program was created to bridge the gap from school to success. You can be successful, you should be successful, and you have to gain the skills and foundation to be THE sought after family chiropractor.

Are You?

  • Teachable?
  • Willing to work hard to improve yourself, your skills and your practice?
  • Wanting to see more kids, pregnant moms and families in your practice?

The Prime Pediatric Program will teach you


  • Philosophy
  • Neurology
  • Headspace


  • Office Set Up
  • Consultation strategies
  • Examinations for all age groups
  • Scanning technology and utilization
  • X-ray usage and protocols
  • Report of Findings strategies


  • Case Management
  • Difficult Cases
  • Technique training
  • Pregnancy specific care
  • Business Success

For further information or to apply for this program please contact:
Kristina Stitcher, D.C.
or email: drkristina@practiceevolution.com

Program Fee

1 Payment of 1395

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